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  • ActiveMuseum_0014468.jpg /
    Dish, A political allegory
  • ActiveMuseum_0009604.jpg /
    The Leake Panels early 16th century
  • ActiveMuseum_0009657.jpg /
    Portrait of Captain Thomas Lee
    Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
  • ActiveMuseum_0009662.jpg /
    Sir Henry Unton
    British School 16th century
  • ActiveMuseum_0009667.jpg /
    A young lady aged 21, possibly Helena Snakenborg, later Marchioness of Northampton
    British School 16th century
  • ActiveMuseum_0009669.jpg /
    A lady with a squirrel and a starling (Anne Lovell?)
    Hans Holbein the younger
  • ActiveMuseum_0006621.jpg /
    Portrait of Charles IX, King of France
  • ActiveMuseum_0006623.jpg /
    Pierre of Terrail, Lord of Bayard
    French school of the XVIs
  • ActiveMuseum_0006575.jpg /
    The martyr St Sebastian
    Bernardo Zenale
  • ActiveMuseum_0006576.jpg /
    Virgin and child between Margaret and St. Augustine, with two little musicians angels
    Bernardo Luini
  • ActiveMuseum_0006586.jpg /
    Wood and marquetry, church stalls
    Pantaleone dei Marchi
  • ActiveMuseum_0006587.jpg /
    Wood and marquetry, church stalls
    Pantaleone dei Marchi
  • ActiveMuseum_0006588.jpg /
    Wood and marquetry, church stalls
    Pantaleone dei Marchi
  • ActiveMuseum_0006589.jpg /
    Wood and marquetry, church stalls
    Pantaleone dei Marchi
  • ActiveMuseum_0006616.jpg /
    The bearing of the cross
    Pieter de Pannemaker
  • ActiveMuseum_0006294.jpg /
    The virgin and child with angels
    Quentin Massys
  • ActiveMuseum_0006297.jpg /
    Portrait of Anne Reitmor
    Hans Mielich
  • ActiveMuseum_0006298.jpg /
    Adam and Eve
    Lucas Cranach the Elder
  • ActiveMuseum_0006299.jpg /
    Portrait of a man
  • ActiveMuseum_0006300.jpg /
    Portrait of a woman holding a pansy and lily-of-the-valley
    Marx Reichlich
  • ActiveMuseum_0006307.jpg /
    Landscape with the flight into Egypt
    Pieter Bruegel The Elder
  • ActiveMuseum_0006308.jpg /
    Allegorical portrait of Sir John Luttrell
    Hans Eworth
  • ActiveMuseum_0006055.jpg /
    The resurrection of the Christ
    The Pérugin (Piétro Vannuci)
  • ActiveMuseum_0006056.jpg /
    The baptism of the Christ
    The Pérugin (Piétro Vannuci)
  • ActiveMuseum_0006057.jpg /
    The adoration of the magi
    The Pérugin (Piétro Vannuci)
  • ActiveMuseum_0006060.jpg /
    St Jerome penitent
    Giovanni Pedrini said Giampietrino
  • ActiveMuseum_0006062.jpg /
    The entry of the christ in Jerusalem
  • ActiveMuseum_0006064.jpg /
    St Jerome in his cell
  • ActiveMuseum_0006065.jpg /
    The virgin between the virgins
    Gerard David
  • ActiveMuseum_0006067.jpg /
    Isaac present Rebekah to Abraham
    Maertens of Vos
  • ActiveMuseum_0006068.jpg /
    Venus and The Love
    Lavinia Fontana
  • ActiveMuseum_0006069.jpg /
    The lesson of music
    Thomas de Keyser
  • ActiveMuseum_0006070.jpg /
    Festivity in the garden of Duke of Mantoue
    Sébastian Vrancx
  • ActiveMuseum_0006077.jpg /
    Sheep shearing
    Jacopo Da Ponte said Bassano
  • ActiveMuseum_0006084.jpg /
    The flogging of the Christ at the column
  • ActiveMuseum_0006085.jpg /
    St. Mark
    Lambert Jacobsz
  • ActiveMuseum_0006092.jpg /
    David winner with the head of Goliath
    Claude Vignon
  • ActiveMuseum_0006106.jpg /
    Jesus-Christ in the olivers's garden
    Jérémie The Pilleur
  • ActiveMuseum_0006113.jpg /
    Saphire's and Anadie's death
    Aubin Vouet
  • ActiveMuseum_0005995.jpg /
    Portrait of Charles of France
  • ActiveMuseum_0006026.jpg /
    Cain killing Abel
    Domenico Cresti said Il Passignano
  • ActiveMuseum_0005953.jpg /
    St George slaying the dragon
  • ActiveMuseum_0005954.jpg /
    The annunciation, flamand school
  • ActiveMuseum_0005955.jpg /
    The virgin and the child
    Girolamo del Pacchia
  • ActiveMuseum_0005956.jpg /
    St Jerome in his oratorical
    Marinus Claeszoon van Reymerswaele
  • ActiveMuseum_0005957.jpg /
    The liberation of St Pier
  • ActiveMuseum_0005958.jpg /
    Magdalene weeping
    Otto Van Veen
  • ActiveMuseum_0005959.jpg /
    Victory of Scipion against Hannibal at the battle of Zama
  • ActiveMuseum_0005960.jpg /
    Love garden according to the engraving of Nicolas Bruyn (according to) David Vinckeboons
  • ActiveMuseum_0005964.jpg /
    Cincinnatus receiving the deputies of Rome.
    Jacob Grimmer
  • ActiveMuseum_0005969.jpg /
    David taking the Goliath's head
  • ActiveMuseum_0005971.jpg /
    Diogenes searching a man
    Pieter Van Moll
  • ActiveMuseum_0005973.jpg /
    Portrait of an young woman of the Warmong family
  • ActiveMuseum_0005714.jpg /
    Virgin and Child with St. Jean Baptist
    Francesco Menzocchi
  • ActiveMuseum_0005715.jpg /
    Virgin and Child with Two Angels Musicians
    Marco D'Oggiono
  • ActiveMuseum_0005716.jpg /
    Saint Pierre and donor
    Marco D'Oggiono
  • ActiveMuseum_0005717.jpg /
    St Jean-Baptist and donor
    Marco D'Oggiono
  • ActiveMuseum_0005720.jpg /
    The Tree of Good and Evil
  • ActiveMuseum_0005722.jpg /
    The martyrdom of Thomas More Chancellor of HenriVIII
    Antoine Caron
  • ActiveMuseum_0005750.jpg /
    Henri IV, King of France in 1589, according to the face of Mathieu Jacquet kept at the Louvre
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